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First Impressions: Everybody’s RPG

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Today we are going to talk about Everybody’s RPG by NomadGames on Android, and what my first impression is of the game. This game costs $0.99 on Google Play.


Everybody's RPG
PvP / Image courtesy of Everybody’s RPG by NomadGames


Everybody’s RPG

So, I saw this game on the app store under the premium game subcategory and was drawn to it by the picture… and the fact that it’s an RPG. It only cost $0.99, so I figured it was worth a shot since it has a 4.4 review rating on Google Play. 


Everybody's RPG
World Map Dungeon / Image courtesy of Everybody’s RPG by NomadGames
The Pros


The game is definitely great for passing time because there a lot of things you have to keep track of. Another great feature is that the game will keep running in the background for you. When you come back all of your characters will be leveled up and you will have a lot of money. In order for your characters to level up by themselves, you have to use the green diamonds to purchase an auto level boost for an hour, but the game gives you quite a bit of the green diamonds so it’s not too big of a deal. There are a few different currencies that the game rewards you pretty often as well. So far from the 2 days, I’ve been playing this game I have not needed to purchase any in-game currency to be successful, although there is an option to purchase it. I’m definitely impressed by how addicting the game is to play.


Everybody's RPG
Character Equipment / Image courtesy of Everybody’s RPG by NomadGames
The Cons


There are a few cons to this game, like all games. I found the tutorial to be short and not very explanatory. It really only shows you a few things you can do, but does not go into depth as to how to make the most out of this game. I completed the beginner quests that you earn items and currencies from, but it appears that those were the only quests. I’m not quite sure how the whole world map section works, you can fight dungeons with other player characters and make potions, but I found this out by clicking on things on the map. There appears to be a guild system, but I’m not quite sure what level you need to be to join one, or even how you would join/create one. 


Everybody's RPG
Stage 96 / Image courtesy of Everybody’s RPG by NomadGames


To Conclude


I guess I would rate this game a 4 out of 5. It’s a great game, but needs more of explanation to help players know what they need to do to be the best. You can purchase this game on Android here.


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