The 7th Saga by Enix

Throwback Thursday! – The 7th Saga

Hello, fellow gamers! I’m taking this post way back to the 90s to talk about The 7th Saga! On the console Super Nintendo (SNES). Some of you may remember this game if you were into turn-based strategy RPGs. This game was very similar to the Final Fantasy series by Square Enix. Here is some background […]

Everybody's RPG

First Impressions: Everybody’s RPG

Welcome to First Impressions! Today we are going to talk about Everybody’s RPG by NomadGames on Android, and what my first impression is of the game. This game costs $0.99 on Google Play.     Everybody’s RPG So, I saw this game on the app store under the premium game subcategory and was drawn to it […]

Fallout 76 is Coming Soon! Here’s Why I’m Excited.

Featured image courtesy of for Fallout 76. Disclaimer: The videos of Fallout 76 in this post may not be suitable for younger viewers. There may be portrayals of violence/war, strong language, and adult themes. Viewer discretion is advised. (Mature Audiences 17+ or with parent approval)  Hello, fellow gamers! So during E3, we saw some great […]

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