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Top 5: Games That Are Not For Kids

Disclaimer: This post is about M rated games. You must be 17+ or have parental permission to purchase these games. Viewer Discretion is Advised

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Today we will be talking about games, not for kids with an M Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating. An M rating means that you have to be 17+ or have parental permission to purchase one of these games. A lot of parents don’t realize how bad some of the M rated games are. Now, by all means, if you are OK with your children playing these games that is your decision as a parent, don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your decision to let them play this games. This blog post is to educate parents who don’t know what these games are about so they can make informed parental decisions on what games they want to allow their kids to play. With that said, please, enjoy our list of games that may be too inappropriate for kids.


5. Bayonetta 1 & 2

bayonetta / not for kids


Bayonetta is mild compared to all the other games on this list, but of course, there is a reason why it’s M rated. It’s about Bayonetta who is an ancient witch that fights angels and demons in a fantasy world. This game has strong language, gore, suggestive themes, and partial nudity for both games. The first game has close-ups on breasts that are jiggling, as well as suggestive taunts and poses like opening their legs and gyrating their hips. In Bayonetta 2 there are the same suggestive taunts, but they added dancing on a pole. Both games have blood spatter, decapitations, and more violent acts. You can find more information at their official website.


4. Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5)

gta 5 / not for kids


A lot of parents don’t realize how truly bad this M rated game is. Of course, with all GTAs, there is an obscene amount of violence, law-breaking, and strong language, but there is nudity in this GTA as well. There are two instances of nudity, one in the strip club and two by the character Trevor. In the strip club, your character can get a private dance from one of the dancers, where she will be topless and you can interact with her to make her like you. Another scene is in one of the game’s missions called, Scouting the Port. In this mission, Trevor shows his genitals to another character named Floyd. It’s a quick scene, but it’s there. There are other glitches in the game that can cause Trevor’s genitals to show, like when you knock him off a toilet or when he is wearing a dress. This game definitely earns its M ESRB rating. You can find more information at their official website.


3. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

witcher 3 / not for kids


This is a great M rated RPG game… If you’re an adult. Just like GTA this game has nudity, gore, and sexual themes. Your character named Geralt can have sex with prostitutes in a brothel. There are also missions with nudity and sex scenes. They mention sex a lot in this game, so, I would say not to let your children play this unless you’re ready to explain the birds and the bees. Geralt has swords and you will see blood and gore as you fight monsters or people throughout the game. You can find more information at their official website.


2. Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus

wolfenstein 2 / not for kids


This M rated game is one of my favorites, but definitely not for children. There is extreme gore, very strong language, prejudice/discriminatory themes, and, you guessed it, nudity! The game is about what would happen if Hitler and the Nazi’s ruled the world. You play B.J. Blazkowicz, a ruthless Nazi killer. In the game, your character’s head is decapitated and placed on another body, and there are many other scenes with gore that may frighten your child. Your character also has a love interest named Anya, who is pregnant with twins. There are many scenes where Anya is nude. There is another instance of nudity, with a character named Grace Walker, who you see breastfeeding in the game (go Bethesda for representing breastfeeding mommas!). You can see more information at their official website.


1. Agony

Agony / not for kids


This game is probably the worst one on this list. They actually had to update this game with a patch because it was just too graphic. This game is literally in Hell. This game is rated AO for Adults only due to nudity, sexual acts, gore, and more.  Honestly, this game is so bad that I will just link places that you can read about it, if you dare. Wikipedia article or Agony on Steam



Do you agree with my list? If so, or if not, let me know in the comments!

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