Unleash your Inner Redneck!

Disclaimer: This game is rated M/17+ for Violence and Strong Language.

The title image is courtesy of Nintendo & Crema Games.


Intro & Backstory

Good afternoon my fellow gamers! The game on today’s agenda, Immortal Redneck! A beautifully polished Gem by Developer CremaGames. I picked up this game just a few days ago and I’m glad I did. This game is the Hyperactive child of Doom & Wolfenstein. Non-stop action and a horde of Mummies who want to murder your face for no reason. Now, we don’t know a whole lot about the redneck before he was mummified. Just that he was driving in the desert on a dune buggy, chasing a deer. Then, BAM! Dead and Mummified. 


The Gameplay

As the name of the game stats, you are indeed an Immortal Redneck. After each run through the pyramid(often ending in your death), you collect a little more gold, unlock a few more abilities or buffs and then make your way back in. There are 9 classes to choose from, including the redneck himself. Each class has a unique Active & Passive skill and their own unique Weapons. After each death you can choose which God to align with, each will have different stats increased until your next demise.


The Good & The Bad

There are many great things about this game. The artwork, gameplay and the fact that you’re an immortal redneck, I mean come on, that’s pretty freaking cool! The one thing that ticks me off though is the scrolls. When you see one you think, awesome! Maybe it’ll be infinite ammo or lava can’t hurt me! Wrong! Instead, you pick up “Sorry, not Sorry!” – which replaces all your guns with random guns… That just makes me a sad panda. But even with this one small quirk, this is a seriously amazing game. 10/10. 


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