What’s New in Puzzle & Dragons Ver. 15(NA)

Good afternoon gamers, Michael here. Today’s installment: What’s new in Ver. 15 for Puzzle & Dragons(NA) – Developed by GungHo. We’re going to dive into what this update has added and I’ll go in detail over each new feature.

One of my favorite games has just updated on July 11th, 2018 and it was jam-packed with tons of great features.

  • New + (Plus) Bank!
  • Monster Enhancement sub-menu
  • New Evo Gems for select Evolutions
  • Awaken Materials are now stackable!
  • A Filter has been added to the Monster Exchange – Great addition!
  • And lastly, Monsters used for Awakenings are no longer selectable as base monsters in Power-Up Fusion

Firstly, the new Plus Bank. This has been a talked about and wanted feature for months, and I’m so glad it’s finally here. No longer do you need to hold onto a few monsters to store your pluses, now it all goes to your bank! Where you can apply a precise amount to any monster you want or fully max it out(+297). To add pluses to your bank all you need to do is sell the monster and they are automatically added to your personal bank. Also, if you get a plus egg while in a dungeon those pluses are also added to your bank automatically when you complete the dungeon! Neat-o!


Next, we have the new Monster enhancement sub-menu.  Which can be found in the Monster tab.


PAD - Monster Enhancement
Image of Puzzle & Dragons is courtesy of GungHo – On Android.

Here you can enhance your monster in any way that your heart desires. Now, you can still enhance the old fashioned way, with Power-Up Fusion. This new feature just highlights all of what you can do to increase your monsters powers.



Another new feature is the addition of Evo Gems. This feature allows you to trade certain monsters for Gems that are used in Evolutions. What’s great about the gems is that they’re universal. Some are tradeable through the trading system, but most aren’t unfortunately.


Image of Puzzle & Dragons is courtesy of GungHo – On Android.


In addition to EVO Monster being stackable, Awaken and regular Tamadras are now stackable! This Update has truly given us back our box space. No longer do we have to ask ourselves “Which of these monsters do I want less”. A filter feature has also been added to the monster exchange, which seems fitting with the addition of the Gems(there are so many). Lastly, you are no longer able to power up awakening materials. Which also seems fitting, because Awakening & Latent Tamadras are now stackable. Before they were mainly kept to house and trade away pluses to other players.


This game is available for both Android and iOS. You can download it from the Play Store(ESRB 10+) & App Store(ESRB 4+). Let me know what you think of this update in the comments below!


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